Flex Contact Center joins forces with RR Group

Transaction consolidates Flex’s relationship management specialization strategy, expanding operations in the sector and making a stronger and more efficient company with more than 10,000 professionals.

Flex Contact Center, a Brazilian company specialized in relationship management, joins forces with RR Group. The merger resulted in a company with more than 10,000 professionals, 12 units and revenue projection of about R$ 450 million for 2015, becoming one of the largest contact center companies in the Brazilian market.

The investment made by the private equity fund Stratus in Flex allowed the merger of the companies, which are in full expansion and growth motion and are recognized by their market strength and innovative capacity, with constant investment in technology and people management. Founded in Florianópolis in 2009, Flex had R$ 187 million in revenues in 2014, has more than 7000 professionals and 10 units in operation. The company has grown over the years and last year the expansion plan and internalization, which began with the opening of two new units in Lages and Xanxerê, both in the countryside of the state of Santa Catarina, was supported by the financial investment of Stratus, a private equity fund.

The RR Group activities, with strong performance in the credit & collection and analysis and credit granting industries, started in 2001 in São Paulo. The company has two units in São Paulo, more than 3000 employees and had revenues of approximately R$ 145 million last year. The stories of the two entrepreneurs, Topazio Silveira Neto, president of Flex and Fabio Ruiz, chairman of RR Group, are very similar and based on customer relationship activity, always combining technology, people management, process and market intelligence. “Both companies are winning and have shown a rapid and solid growth in recent years, based on innovation and ability to generate business. We are delighted to have found a company like RR Group, with similar principles and values, as well as complementary services to Flex. Together we will have more strength and growth capacity, with the possibility to provide to the customers and to the market processes for relationship management even more efficient and within the full service concept”, said Topazio Silveira Neto, president of Flex Contact Center

“We are creating a stronger and more efficient company with greater capacity to generate jobs, contributing to social and economic development of the country”, noted Fabio Ruiz, chairman of RR Group. For him, the big difference in this union is that the companies are complementary in the playing field. “We have knowledge and different specializations, but both companies believe in the growth capacity, quality of service and innovation that allow our consolidation in the Brazilian market,” he added. “We have a new time in the sector with the union of both companies. We follow the growth story of both and we are investing in this project because we are aware of the potential for development and expansion of this union, combining the innovative capacity with the necessary corporate governance that will ensure a major consolidation throughout the customer relationship management cycle – retention , telemarketing, collection, analysis for concession of credit and back office operations. Those are activities for which the company resulting from the merge, has a lot of experience and important successes in various sectors of the economy” added Alberto Camões, founding partner at Stratus.

About Flex Contact

Flex operates in the customer relationship management sector, providing services for large Brazilian corporations, answering inquiries from consumers (inbound) and providing services of sales and collection (outbound). Flex started its operations in 2009 and owns four operating sites in Florianópolis (SC), two in Lages and one in Xanxerê, countryside of the state of Santa Catarina and three operating sites and one corporate office in São Paulo.

About RR Group

Founded in 2001 by the partners Fabio Ruiz Cerqueira e Maristela Rocha, in São Paulo, RR Group has strong performance in the credit & collection industry, being recognized with over 20 awards of leadership in the sector. The company has two units in São Paulo and also works with the analysis and credit granting in all stages of collection rule, in the following products: personal credit, mortgage, cars, payroll, corporate and cards, operating with the main banks and financial institutions in the country, credit card issuers, insurers, securitization, oil companies, logistics companies, among others.

About Stratus

Founded in 1999, Stratus Group is a private equity funds manager with strategic focus on the middle market sector, investing for over 15 years in companies with high growth potential that can become consolidation platforms for fragmented sectors. Stratus Group invests in several sectors in Brazil and it was the first Brazilian private equity fund to take a portfolio company public at Bovespa Mais, the BM&FBovespa access market.