Stratus Organized in a Partnership model and standard corporate structure, Stratus does not hold share in the companies invested by the investment funds

Holding S/A
Portfolio Management

Fiduciary Administration


  • The capital market as a universal instrument for accessing, recycling and perpetuating business entities that create value for society.
  • The company as a central element in the generation of economic and social wealth.


  • Economic and sustainable dynamism.
  • Corporate governance based on fundamentals of ethics and transparency.
  • Enhancing the human capacity to innovate through Inclusion and Diversity.


  • We exist to connect companies to long-term private capital and prepare them for the various stages of growth in sectoral competitiveness and corporate and social development.

Our team

Stratus works with distinct and exclusive teams on three fronts:

  • 1

    In portfolio/investment management

  • 2

    In the fiduciary, compliance and IR administration

  • 3

    In the operational/financial administration of the group's activities.

Credentials & Alliance